The Show

Wendy’s Wiggle, Jiggle and Jam! children’s concerts have been getting rave reviews from children, parents and educators. If you want a fun, upbeat experience, now is the time to book a show. Sound system is included.

The Show: Tons of fun! Wendy’s Wiggle, Jiggle and Jam! is the perfect activity to build up excitement and keep all ages entertained. Wendy comes with her guitar and sings about things that kids love; cookies, frogs, turtles, presents, and more. The show is approximately 40 - 45 minutes, and is always tailored for the audience.

Engaging: Get ready to move! Put your hands in the air, jump and shout, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle or hop like a kangaroo. Every child in the audience will be encouraged to participate with dancing, call and response songs, and action music that is great for young children. There is no down time as we move from one activity to the next. Marching, singing, hopping and wiggling, keep the children engaged throughout the show.

Target audience: Families with young children, primarily ages 2- 8 years old. All ages are welcome.

Live, in person events

Location: I come to your location with everything I need. You provide a three-pronged outlet for power, and room for all the kids to move, dance and be active and we will be all set to go.

Covid Safety: Children are encouraged to dance with their families or pod. The show has constant movement, but is easily done on a picnic blanket, or in their own space in a large room.

Live Zoom or streaming events

Bring your screen into the classroom or living room and let Wendy see the children through a Zoom conference call. She can see and encourage all the fun movements and responses by being virtually there with your class.

Live stream events will have all the excitement of movement and action, while Wendy gives time for children to call out responses. Wendy will rely on the adults that are physically with the children to help them during the show.

Wendy Baldinger, creator of Wiggle, Jiggle and Jam, is an entertainer, storyteller, musician, digital artist, and educator. She entertains children, seniors, and families, throughout the midwest, as well as providing educational workshops for childcare providers. You can hear her music and watch her music videos on many streaming platforms.