Wiggle Jiggle Jam At School

Wendy has been bringing her music and storytelling curriculum into preschool classrooms throughout the Twin Cities for over 25 years. The structure of the music class starts with a welcoming song, some favorites like Wheels On The Bus and Twinkle. Then we dive into the topic of the day.

The Curriculum: Each month we explore a new topic. Fall topics include falling leaves, apples, farmers market, harvest. Winter topics include snow, animals, reading and numbers. Spring is about all kinds of growth and taking care of the earth. Songs and stories during the 20 – 30 minute program provide students with opportunities to talk about the things they like and how they experience them.

Engagement: Wendy brings her guitar and a bag of surprises, each week. Wendy uses a variety of techniques throughout the music class to engage the students. Movement, call and response, questions and answer and games are all part of the classroom experience.

One of Wendy’s newer call and response songs, Are You Ready?, has the students shout out “Yeah”, when asked, “Are you ready?” followed up with action motions of jumping, spinning, stomping and clapping. Her color song is a guessing game, with the students taking turns guessing the object after the color and hint have been given. Even quiet students start feeling comfortable participating in this fun, musical environment.

Schools have the option of having weekly or once a month classroom time. Ages 2 and 3 class is 20 minutes, ages 4, 5, 6 class is 30 minutes.

Some schools prefer to bring in Wendy 1 or 2 times a year for special in-house field trips.

These can be structured as a 45 minute program for the entire school or broken into groups for a 20 minute toddler group and a 30 minute preschool group. Wendy brings her guitar and sound system for these events. The program is very movement focused and fast paced.

The Show: Tons of fun! Jump and Shout! Hands go high, high, high and then we do the turtle wiggle!! Every child in the audience will be encouraged to move, sing and dance along with every song. Fun visuals are included throughout to keep everyone engaged.

Perfect for preschool, toddler and school age children. Original music that highlights what kids like to do. Children take turns leading the songs as they pretend to be turtles, frogs, birds or even baking cookies. The show is always tailored for the audience. Multiple programs are available.

COVID safety is always a part of the show.

Wendy Baldinger, creator of Wiggle, Jiggle and Jam, is an entertainer, storyteller, musician, digital artist, and educator. She entertains children, seniors, and families, throughout the midwest, as well as providing educational workshops for childcare providers. You can hear her music and watch her music videos on many streaming platforms.