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Wendy's WIGGLE, JIGGLE AND JAM has a great time with music for the senior crowd. With her guitar in hand, Wendy gets any group involved and singing along. Perfect for special events and holidays.

SENIOR SING A-LONGS is an entertainment oportunity for senior centers, nursing homes, and community inter-generational events. Featuring Wendy Baldinger, the program repertoire consists of show tunes, sing-a-longs from the 1910's through the 1950's and favorites from Garland, Jolson and more.

Baldinger has performed for adult groups including T.O.P.S., Shalom Home, J.C.C. Seniors, Menorah Plaza, and Hadassah. Tunes include such favorites as Rock-a-bye, Ain't Misbehavin', April Showers, Hello Dolly, Side by Side, Let's call the Whole Thing Off and Day-O. Wendy is able to fine tune her selections according to the musical taste and sophistication of the particular audience and is also able to provide music for all ages for those performances which involve the whole community.

Combining senior centers and preschools

The most fun for all is having preschoolers perform for seniors. With Wendy's WIGGLE, JIGGLE AND JAM program, this is easy to coordinate. Wendy will be happy to help arrange for preschool groups to come to your nursing home to perform. It's a great time for everyone involved!

Wendy performs for seniors of varying ages and physical conditions. Her music triggers memories and touches chords with nearly everyone. Sometimes in a nursing home performance someone who hasn't said anything in months, will suddenly smile in recognition and start to sing.

Now's your chance to book a WIGGLE, JIGGLE AND JAM family concert for your group. Call Wendy Rose Baldinger at 651-454-6519.

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