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About Wendy

"Wendy does a great 'one-woman show.' A real crowd pleaser... her songs are very creative... she is an excellent performer."

— Hennepin County Librarians

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Wendy Rose Baldinger
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Who is Wendy?

Wendy is a Minnesota children's entertainer. She is a singer and storyteller, performing throughout Minnesota and Iowa for over 20 years. Wendy’s performances include shows at the Taste of Minnesota, Minnesota Children's Museum, Wendy!History Center, Science Museum, festivals, fairs, libraries, schools, park programs, and birthday parties. She has produced four children’s music CD’s and one geared for adult audiences.

The Music: WHAT’S COOKIN’?  has 13 original songs, written and performed by Wendy as a companion to the MELSA summer read to me program, “What’s Cookin’ at your Library?”  In addition to WHAT’S COOKIN’? , children and parents have been enjoying the upbeat songs in her three other CD’s: Wiggle, Jiggle and Jam!, Jump Right Up and Shout, and Beautiful World. She has also written a companion  curriculum guide to BEAUTIFUL WORLD.  This guide is wonderful for preschool teachers and parents that like to enrich their children’s environment with fun activities.

 In addition to performing, Wendy is a music specialist and storyteller for preschools in the Twin Cities. She has developed a music curriculum that teaches language concepts through music. The weekly program includes themes such as numbers, seasons, animals, nutrition, and the environment.

How did the Wiggle, Jiggle and Jam! show get started?

Guitar guy!After working as a music specialist for several years, Wendy started writing original music specifically designed to get young people moving and singing. Wendy developed the WIGGLE, JIGGLE AND JAM! show after seeing the smiles of joy from the children that got picked to perform at musical presentations, but also the disappointment children felt when they did not get picked to be on stage. She realized there was a way to let every child star on stage, if they wanted to. Now, all a child has to do is wave their hand to get a chance to be a leader. Kids leave the show with joy on their faces and a souvenir one thousand dollars in their pocket and a lot of wonderful family memories.

Does she do stories, too?

Besides writing songs, Wendy has written many stories for young children. Just like her music, the songs get the children involved. She teaches the children how to help tell the story. The stories are so funny, that everyone ends up laughing and asking for these stories again and again. You can request an all music program, an all story program, or a combination for any event.

What about birthday parties?

Wendy will come to your home, or preferred location with everything she needs to do a party. Props, sound system and instruments are all provided. The party show lasts approximately 45 minutes and includes all the fun songs and stories as her shows for the fairs, parks and libraries. Learn more about children's birthday parties in Minnesota.

Can I book Wendy for my preschool, elementary school, or library?

Yes! Wendy does programs for both preschool age and elementary aged children. Music is selected for the age appropriate to the audience. Many schools and libraries have Wendy come in to their site to kick off reading month or the month of the young child. It is also a great way to reward a school for great work on fundraising or to raise awareness for conservation. Monthly programs are available on a limited basis for the year long music curriculum. For concert information call Wendy at 651-454-6519.

Does Wendy do programs for Adults?

Yes. Wendy has performed for many adult programs and has a special program for Senior Sing-a-longs featuring music from the 40's and 50's.

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